Do I have to create an account to checkout?

An account will be created for you during checkout, however, the checkout flow will not bother you for username and password details. The username and password will be generated for you and sent to your email address. Accounts are required for you to securely login to access your download link, and to download the latest version of the app after updates are released.

I received the message “This is not your download link…” after clicking the download link from my order confirmation email. How do I access my download?

email error message
This happens occasionally for reasons only a tech nerd could figure out. If you landed on that error page, please log into your account using the username and password sent to you after creating your account. You will be able to access your secure download link after logging in.

How will I get updates when they are released?

Notifications regarding app updates will be sent to your registered email address. To update your app, login to your account and download the latest version.

Does the code run on your computer or is it hosted?

The code runs on your own computer, server, inside a docker container, or you could even run it in the cloud if you like. The technical requirements are only Node and a MySql database.

Can I run more than one strategy at the same time?

Running multiple strategies simultaneously is not supported at this time.

What happens if your computer goes down during a trade? Could you accidentally lose your
account if you did not have a stop in place when the outage occurred?

It is possible in one circumstance to have a greater loss than anticipated. Because app waits for an order fill message to place the stop loss and target orders, it could place an order entry request, and the order could be filled while the computer running the app was down. That is why is is recommended to run the app on a server or in a HA cloud environment. A home computer could be sufficient as long as it’s power plan is set up to stay awake always, and it’s plugged into an uninterruptable power supply (UPS).

Another recommendation to protect your account is to have TD Ameritrade place a max loss per day on it (you have to call them to do set this up). Once you’ve reached your max loss on the day, all future orders that day will be rejected.

Can I trail my stop loss after entering a trade using the app?

Yes. You may use the Thinkorswim (TOS) desktop or mobile app to trail your stop. You may also use the TD Ameritrade website to adjust order positions.

How do I flatten all my open positions?

From the command line, execute: node tradeforme flatten

This will cancel any open orders and place a market order to sell any open positions placed by the app.

*Note that it is possible that orders for the same symbol(s) placed on the same day by other means may be included. For example, Trade For Me placed orders for TSLA and you also day traded TSLA using Thinkorswim (TOS). It is not recommended that you manually trade the same symbols that are on your Trade For Me watchlist, unless you’re only adjusting stop loss and/or limit orders placed by Trade For Me.