Tired of missing entry signals?

Trade For Me automation solves that problem by watching all stocks on your watchlist at the interval you specify. It receives chart data (open, high, low, close) for 1m, 5m, 15m, 30m, and 1h candles for each symbol on your watchlist. You may also use it to watch a single symbol. When it finds an entry, it places an order using your money/risk management.

The TradeForMe app ALWAYS trades with stop loss and sell limit orders. Consistency is the game. You will lose some trades, but your winners will be larger than your losers! Good ol’ fashioned maths 🙂

Most experienced traders will earn back the cost of the app in just one trading session (some in one trade)!

You decide when to start and stop the app, so if you like to stay out of the first half hour of the trading day, you can!

Only buy the strategies that YOU want to use!




Familiarize yourself with the requirements & installation so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running as soon as you get your hands on the app.

What is Trade For Me?

Trade For Me is where you will find stock trading scripts and automation designed for use with a TD Ameritrade brokerage account. Many of the scripts are indicators used in the TD Ameritrade thinkorswim (tos) platform and can be downloaded and very easily installed.

The Trade For Me app is an automated day trading application that can run inside a docker container, or on any server, computer, or NAS device that can run node.js. It connects to the TD Ameritrade developer API and places orders based on provided strategies. Only buy the strategies that you like to trade.


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Money Management is Everything

Whether you’re a full-time day trader or busy with another job, trading scripts and automation can make your trading more efficient. Make no mistake, however, money management is everything. There is no perfect strategy, no perfect system, and nobody wins every trade. Without proper risk and money management, you will almost certainly fail.

When you use Trade For Me, you will set a max risk per trade in your configuration that will prevent a trade from getting out of hand. You will also set a target “R” value, which corresponds to the max risk per trade by the multiple you choose. For example, if your max risk per trade is $200, and your target R value is 2, the take profit target will be set with a $400 sell limit order. All of the share size, stop loss, and target calculations are handled by the application. All you have to do is decide your watchlist criteria (or choose a single equity to trade). If you choose a watchlist you have saved in TD Ameritrade, you can specify how many symbols you want the app to watch. The app will order the watchlist by trading volume at the time it was pulled from TD, and begin waiting for the strategy criteria to be satisfied before placing an order.

In addition, you may choose to use a dynamic watchlist generated by the TD Ameritrade API. They have two to choose from. The top 10 movers up, and top 10 movers down. Since Trade For Me is long biased, you would want to choose the top 10 movers up list if you were planning on automating the strategies based on one of those watchlists. I personally like to pull both of them and save them to the database for future back testing. That’s just one more feature of Trade For Me. With every watchlist you have the option to save the historical data for the current trading day, including or excluding pre market data.

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